Methods for carpet cleaning

A method of cleaning a carpet is selected depending on the material of the pile, as well as the type of pollution. Today we tell you about ways to clean the carpet, their capabilities, advantages and disadvantages, as well as give some tips on choosing and using tools for cleaning carpet.

Wet cleaning

Wet cleaning is an effective and widely used method of regular care of carpet. But here it is important to remember that it is not applicable to all types of floor coverings such. For example, a carpet made of natural wool excess moisture will only hurt. Also not recommended to clean a carpet on the adhesive base.

Wet cleaning carried out using a special detergent cleaner or in case of his absence – the brush. Also use special shampoos, stain removers, powders, and other means.

It is recommended to clean the carpet so no more than once a month to maintain the appearance and properties of the coating to maximize the long term. Frequent wet cleaning lead to leaching special impregnation carpet, which is used in the production of protection from the intense pollution.

Remember, do not mix different detergents in the hope of achieving a better effect, it can lead to unpredictable chemical reaction, as a result of which can damage the carpet.

Slight pollution and simple stains can be removed by a brush and lukewarm water with no powder and solvent, using a simple soap solution.

You can dry-clean only highly contaminated area or a specific spot, using for this purpose stain remover. Importantly, do not exceed the recommended concentration at a dilution of such funds or risk discolor the carpet pile.

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