Cleaning the apartment

Today we are going to clean the apartment.

It does not just clean and remove the accumulated negative, stagnation of energy, try to make friends with her, make her an ally, to fill the life-giving energy. And then bring the elements and the laws of feng shui in her space.

Just say, if you are not going to live in this apartment for a long time (for example, going to move) carefully follow the recommendations, why do you turn the energy of apartments in their favor?

So began.

There is no particular need to say that the house must constantly maintain cleanliness and order, to prevent blockages of things, dirt and debris. It is so clear. These flats immediately remind housing elderly people living alone, who may not have the strength to get rid of the debris. Even the air and the smell of the apartments suggests that there is stagnation of energy. Clearly, this is a conversation about our accommodation, and this we will never happen.

Let’s pay the same attention to clean energy, our goal is to save the living space from the negative, to enable filled with life-giving energy, try to make friends with the apartment, which is no less important.

The main recommendations, or course of action:

  • Cleaning at Energy – is not just cleaning. This turn in the direction of the apartment owner, filling with positive energy, relief from negative. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out all the recommendations in a good mood, with a sense of gratitude. For that we thank apartment? Why have something. It gives us warmth, protection from cold, heat, rain, and just from the outside world. Here we rest and gain strength. Yes, we are very grateful!
  • Harvesting in all corners of dust. Very well, if you do not just drop all around, and it is moved furniture, stir energy. Let’s make circulate fill apartment life.
  • Nothing better not cleans the apartment than a bell ring. Listen as changing his voice – ringing. At first, the sound is a dull, gradually ringing grows stronger, gaining strength and rings to complete.
  • Ideal for cleaning the floor – a saline solution. Added water to wash the salt dissolved and washed, the flow of about 1 kg per 50 square squares. Do not leave stains on the floor. If it happens – can be removed. Any salt is good, but certainly better than a large, sea, with large crystals.
  • Mirrors – this is a special theme. They all saw all remember, in spite of what we believe in it or not. By this, it is better in the old, survived the centuries mirror did not look. Close, paint, whatever – if you can not remove a mirror. And if you have the opportunity – replace with new. This is the old mirrors had a conversation, but their home is necessary to clean the negative energy. Almost as clean as accustomed. Take a cotton disc, alcohol solution and wipe the mirror from top to bottom and right to left. How would cross. Cotton pad picks up all the negative energy itself. Therefore, from him immediately to get rid even in the trash should not be put. Immediately out of the house.
  • Now we come to no less importance – toilet. The rules are very simple – perfect cleanliness. Yes, yes, and remember: the toilet must be the cleanest room in the house. All holes for liquid drain, vent pipes should just shine with cleanliness. It is on the physical plane. What would clear the negative energy, it is better to sow as salt on the floor of the toilet. In the morning, remove the salt, and so do consecutive days. Of course, this is possible if there is no prejudice to the crumbled salt family members. Ritual repeated after six months. We can go further: in the closet to keep a glass of salt. As soon as the salt absorbs fluid (e.g., once a week), change.

That’s all the main recommendations. No, not all. Statement forgotten. According to this, after cleaning the apartment itself should also be cleaned and, importantly, to indulge in such a useful work. Take a shower to wash off all negativity. Take a bath with aromaslami. And, as expected after a job well done, to please yourself and apartment. For example, a bouquet of flowers. Let stand up a couple of days in a beautiful vase to decorate the interior and lift your spirits. Only now that the flowers have wilted, can not be tolerated. Better to make them.

All apartments have finished cleaning. You can now go to the feng shui apartments.

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