Carpet cleaning technology

Wet cleaning

Such a method is considered to be the most popular among housewives. After all, it allows you to clear favorite surface quickly, and most importantly safe. It consists in cleaning the carpet with a soft brush. It uses special detergents, which can be found in any store.

IMPORTANT! If you care about the health of their loved ones before you buy detergent, you must check it for hypoallergenic properties.

How to clean the carpet at home?

You should be aware that the use of two tools simultaneously prohibited. First you need to take advantage of one kind, and only after some time the other.

If your carpet is installed on the adhesive basis of wet cleaning can forget. Because when excessive moisture, the probability that it will mutate or divorce 70%. Floor clean warm water and do not forget a good squeeze the cloth or towel.

Cleaned with a detergent cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner – is your salvation in the fight against pollution of any kind. To start, you need to wipe the cover with a special brush dipped in a solution of water and shampoo. Only then start cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. After this procedure, the carpet dries about 6-12 hours.

This method is suitable for carpet made of synthetic harness, latex or rubber vsparennoy. To avoid dampness, we recommend carefully remove the water from the surface.

Dry cleaning carpet

The popularity of this method is growing exponentially, and all because it is very convenient and fast. For such a cleaning powder is used. The first thing to do – it is vacuumed and then applied to the carpet powder. It must be distributed in equal amounts. Lightly rubbing tool and leave for about 2 hours. All embedded dirt collect a vacuum cleaner. Plus the fact that we can walk on any floor, immediately after harvest.

Foam cleaning

It’s a cross between wet and dry cleaning. In this case also need to collect debris from the pre-vacuum cleaner. Next we put the foam and distributed over the entire surface.

Foaming agent does not penetrate deeply into the carpet pile, slightly moisten it. The result is visible after 20 minutes. All the dirt and dust rises up and displayed using foam that easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

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